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Research Projects

New Chemical Entities

Drug Delivery


Evestra is pursuing multiple research projects, targeting areas of high medical need.


Fertility Control


Fertility control products are the largest sub-segment in the female health area, offering significant innovation potential on the drug delivery and new chemical entity side. Evestra is actively pursuing the following target indications:

  • Substitution of ethinyl estradiol though natural prodrugs to reduce thromboembolism
  • Vaginal ring with lower incidence of thromboembolic effects
  • Long term (>6 month) injectable with reduced side effect profile
  • Mesoprogestin for estrogen free fertility control


Preterm Birth


Preterm birth is a significantly underserved indication in female health, affecting around 12% of pregnant women. Evestra is actively pursuing two drug delivery projects with known progestins that show higher efficacy than standard products in animal models.

  • Vaginal Ring
  • Topical Formulation

Endometriosis & Fibroids


Endometriosis and Fibroids effect about 10% of the fertile female population. Although these diseases are not life threatening, there is a high medical need for an effective treatment. Meso-progestin and selected progestin modifications have shown significant efficacy.

Evestra is actively researching a potent partial agonistic anti-progestin (meso-progestin) with strong anti-ovulatory properties that would effect an extended and safe treatment of these diseases.

Hormone Dependent Breast Cancer

  • Meso-progestin with strong anti-ovulatory activity

Breast cancer is the most prominent cancer in women. A larger proportion of these tumors are steroid hormone dependent. For these tumors, an anti-hormone therapy with aromatase inhibitors is a very effective treatment with relatively mild side effects.

Anti-progestins have shown significant efficacy in the treatment of breast cancer in animal models and women.

Evestra has generated proprietary anti-progestins that show the highest in vitro activity in the T47D breast cancer cell line. Pharmacological studies are on-going to determine the best therapeutic approach and target group.


  • Anti-progestin for Breast Cancer

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

  • New oral medication with estrogen / progestin combination
  • Vaginal ring with estrogen / progestin combination

Research Pipeline


Prototype Development

Pharmacological Characterization

Vaginal Ring, Estrogen/Progestin

Progestin only Vaginal Ring

Progesterone-Based Formulation for Preterm Birth

Vaginal Ring for Preterm Labor

Research Pipeline


Compound Finding Program

Pharmacological Characterisation

6 Month Injectable Fertility Control

2nd Generation Mesoprogestin

New Estradiol for Fertility Control

Antiprogestin for Hormone Dependent Breast Cancer

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