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Evestra, Inc. today announces the signing of a collaboration partnership agreement with the Hungarian company, Gedeon Richter Plc. Under the terms of the agreement, Evestra will perform certain research and development activities on contraceptive products in exchange for licensing the commercialization rights for certain territories outside the US to Gedeon Richter Plc.

The deal consists of upfront payments for research and early development funding, as well as clinical development, regulatory and sales performance milestones, and royalty payments on net sales.

JAN 15

JAN 15

Evestra announced today that its first patent in the antiprogestin area which describes  new chemical entities with potential applications in oncology and gynecological indications was allowed by the US patent Office.  The description of these compounds and their properties was published in a recent paper in the journal Steroids.

Evestra is excited to announce that, effective January 15, 2014, we will be relocated to our new facilities at 14805 Omicron Drive, Suite 100, San Antonio, Texas, 78245.  Current company phone number will remain the same, 210-673-3300.

The new facilities include state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory space, as well as a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility, biological laboratory to conduct in vitro biological characterization of new chemical entities, and a analytical development and quality control (QC) laboratory.  The new facility will enable Evestra to fully and efficiently develop its product pipeline, including unmet medical needs in women’s health.

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