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News Overview

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Evestra’s second publication which describes novel antiprogestins for the treatment of breast cancer published in the scientific peer review journal Steroids

Evestra’s first patent which covers selective progesterone modulators allowed by the EU Patent Office

Evestra’s research work to develop novel mesoprogestins published in the scientific peer review journal Steroids

Evestra pre-term birth grant proposal was selected as a finalist in the Saving Lives at Birth Grand Challenge  sponsored by The Gates Foundation

February 28

April 2

June 21

May 6

June 12



Evestra announces research collaboration with Northwestern University in the area of breast cancer.

April 24

Evestra received the next license payment from corporate partner to develop and commercialize its lead product for the rest-of-the-world (ROW) market.  Total payments received in 2013 is $1.3 million.

September 5

Evestra received a $1 million milestone payment for achieving the next milestone of collaboration with its partner to develop and commercialize its leading products for the EU market


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