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December 22

June 30


June 14

May 20

Evestra receives $1.1 million contract from the NIH

Evestra's first US patent issued

Evestra out-licenses drospirenone manufacturing intellectual property rights to Laborchemie Apolda

Evestra executes R&D collaboration with Austrian firm, RCPE, to develop a vaginal ring product.

Evestra has announced today that it has initiated a collaboration with The Reproductive Center of Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), located at Graz, Austria, to develop Evestra's leading vaginal ring product.  RCPE will be responsible for process development and scale-up activities. RCPE has a very impressive record in developing enabling technology and dosage forms for pharmaceutical products using hot melt extrusion technology.

Evestra announced today that is has out-licensed its intellectual property (IP) regarding the manufacturing of drospirenone. This transaction provides Evestra with an upfront payment and royalties on sales of drospirenone to third parties. The IP is based on R&D work performed by Evestra's scientists which resulted in an Evestra patent. 

Evestra announced today that its first US patent (7,960,368) has been issued. 
Dr. Klaus Nickisch, Evestra's CSO commented "This initial patent demonstrates the innovative nature of Evestra's research in developing new product concepts in women's health”.   He added that additional filings have been initiated as well.

Evestra announced today that it has received a major contract from the NICHD to manufacture two cGMP grade steroidal compounds.  The $1.1 million contract is the largest yet received by Evestra and will enable the manufacturing of compounds potentially useful as male contraceptives.

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