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September 14

Evestra initiates development of vaginal ring product.

Evestra announced today that it has initiated the development of a novel vaginal ring product.  The vaginal ring product is being developed as a longer-term contraceptive and is based on Evestra's proprietary hot-melt extrusion technology for which patent application has been filed.

October 30

Evestra raises $1.8 million in second private offering.



Evestra announced today that it has successfully closed a second private offering raising $1.8 million from local private investors. These additional funds will enable the Company to continue its innovative product development efforts.

August 30

July 18

April 17

Evestra closes first private offering raising $4.35 million.

Evestra announced today that it has successfully raised $4.35 million from investments by local private investors. This is one of the largest private offerings in the State of Texas and will provide the Company with the capital needed to develop its emerging product pipeline.

Evestra launches wholly-owned subsidiary in Berlin, Germany.

Evestra announced today that it has launched a wholly-owned subsidiary in Berlin, Germany: Evestra GmbH.  The subsidiary provides Evestra with an international reach, proximity to its community of expertise in women's healthcare and expertise in drug development.

Evestra begins operations as spin-off from Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

Evestra announced today that it has started operations as a for-profit private corporation.  Evestra is a spin-off from Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TBRI) and occupies about 5,300 square feet of laboratory and office space on the TX Biomed campus.

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